Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Glass Hearts

Just today I was scrolling through the few followers of myself on twitter and I came across GlassHeartsUK, aka "The Glass Hearts."  Assembled in 2010, the band consists of Stuart North on vocals and guitar, Michal Masnik on drums, and Martyn Gibbons on bass.  This rock (/pop punk as it says on their website) band from Tottenham, North London has just released their debut single "Caught Up." 

Never hearing them before I searched Youtube for them and found their said single; to my surprise I actually listened to the full thing without being bored, which normally never happens.  I searched them up on Google and found their website "http://theglasshearts.com" and listened to the other five songs they had on there. 

The first word which came to my mind as I listened was "simple."  Basically what these guys have done is exactly what you want from now-a-days rock; and thats lose the bullshit and get back to the roots of music, which is exactly what they've done.  They've made songs that are in essence simply a rocknroll for today, no more no less. 

Songs are straight to the point, dynamics are placed amazingly; voice, guitar, drums, and bass all seem to work together without having any struggle for domanince.  The usage of catchy melodys and rhythems work wonderfully.  It's really just an all around good feeling of actual music with no unneeded flashy extras.  Structurally the songs flow brilliantly, which is probably why I'm able to listen to them back to back without my attention drifting to far. 

Can't wait for the release of their album "Fall In From The Top."  I'm really curious to see how the rest of the album sounds, and if they keep the overall structure the same or change it up a bit for future albums. 

Having no prior knowledge of them and only discovering them today I would have to say the songs are something you could turn on the radio and rock along to.  They've got good energy, great structures, and have the feeling of an overall great band to listen to and follow over the next few years.

The only issues I would say they could run into is the simplisity of it all.  If they keep going the way they are (and remember I've only heard six songs) is that they could potentially get stuck where they are and end up having songs and albums that sound way to similar to what they've already done.

With all that being said, no disrespect in any way to these hard working musicians.  The Glass Hearts are a great band, and I can't wait to buy their album once it comes out.  I would also add any of the songs I've heard to any one of my fav playlists.  Again really looking forward to hearing the full album, and especially seeing them live.

Best of luck to everyone associated with The Glass Hearts and I can't wait to hear whats instore for the future.

P.S.  Really hope they do a North American tour (and come to Vancouver BC.)

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